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In this model, Ardent offers an opportunity to maximize its technical expertise while still enabling its clients to manage their own IT organization.

Ardent will set up client infrastructure and manage the resources and ensure the transfer of technical and management expertise, and register a new offshore entity under the client’s name — if required. This allows our clients to establish and to run a professional organization that has been trained by experts and professionals with a track record of integrity, excellence, and success.

Best for organizations that are looking to establish offshore development facilities in India and would need the expertise of a tried-and-tested organization such as Ardent to jumpstart its operations.

Benefits include maximum flexibility in operating and managing own IT infrastructure, while minimizing the risk factors associated with setting up technology start-ups. It enables our clients to focus on their core business while building the IT capability and expertise that will allow them to expand operations and to cater to a broader market in a rapid manner.

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