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With the fixed price model, Ardent and its client will agree on a set duration and cost for the assigned project. The client’s predictable results and benefits, leaving no room for surprises in the middle of the contract.

This model is best suited for projects of low-to-medium levels of complexity, where Ardent and the client know exactly what they want and exactly how to get it done. This model is ideal for projects with specific documentation and adequate details, enabling Ardent to complete it within the specified timeframe. However, this leaves little room for changes or modifications during the project development process, and this also assumes clients availability to give comprehensive and timely feedback during each phase of the development lifecycle.

Benefits include the predictability of client’s costs and schedule, as well as minimal exposure to risk. However, all these are hinged on the business's ability to prepare for the project in great detail and to anticipate various risk factors that may affect the project's success. In this model, the more detailed the preparation, the smoother and faster the execution.

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