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Testing a product before its release proves critical to its success in the marketplace. It is important to maintain your brand image of having bug-free software. In Ardent, we ensure that your product lives up to your brand image. By verifying your software performance through our thorough testing, you are reducing the risks of acquiring direct and indirect cost from errors and software failure.


Different techniques and methodologies are applied to test software products using the Software Testing Cycle. Ardent’s software testing cycle is a systematic and holistic approach which consists of reviews starting with requirement gathering, to test plan development, execution of test cases, and ending with an assessment and report of the entire product software testing.

Automated testing helps in regression testing and handles complex scenarios repetitively, more so, it can also run for 24 hours making test process faster. However, there are still certain types of testing wherein manual testing is still preferred such as for Ad hoc Testing, ‘Negative Testing,’ and ‘Monkey Testing’ where the human mind works best to try and break the system. Moreover, verifying the usability of the software product would also need manual testing.


Automated testing, as it is able to either replace or supplement manual testing, also provides several benefits. Once the test script or procedure has been set, an automated test can run for 24 hours, thus saving on costs and at the same time, fast tracking the marketability of the products. Our years of quality experience in software testing can help you reduce your product risk, improve your efficiency, and ensure compliance to the requirements for your product. Our software quality testing service not only assists you in exceeding the modern time challenges, but also ensures a much needed competitive edge required by your business.

Though it replaces or supplements manual testing, there are several benefits of automated testing primarily being repeatable, once the test can run for 24hr thus saving on cost and fast tracking the marketability of the products.


Silk Test

SilkTest is an automation tool by Borland for testing functionality of enterprise applications. Including on this tool is Creating and Running test scripts for functional and regression testing for clients.


  • Supports different extensions such as .Net, Java, DOM, IE and Firefox
  • Capture and verification of windows and areas
  • Supports OS up to Vista and WPF
  • Identifies windows controls as objects with attributes and properties to be used for creating test scripts


Selenium is a robust set of tools that supports rapid development of test automation for web-based applications. Selenium provides a rich set of testing functions specifically geared to the needs of testing of a web application. These operations are highly flexible, allowing many options for locating UI elements and comparing expected test results against actual application behavior.

One of Selenium’s key features is the support for executing one’s tests on multiple browser platforms.


  • Highly Flexible for designing test for web applications
  • Allows all possible user defined extensions for testing
  • Capability to execute tests across browsers

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